Annie’s First Litter


Well my 1st litter of puppies was a success. I was able to place the puppies with wonderful families. I am excited and encouraged by all the positive responses that I received from the new owners . I am now ready to announce that I am planning on another litter as soon as Annie goes into heat again. This should be the end of July to the beginning of August. Maverick Mac will be the sire again. I  am almost positive that we are going to try a live breeding this time instead of a trans-cervical AI. Once Annie goes into heat and we get a date for the breeding to take place I will update the web site.

On another note, Annie went in last Thursday to have her hips and elbows Xray-ed for her OFA certification. I should find out the results in a few weeks and I will post the results on the Website and Facebook. She already had her eyes certified and she passed that test. Her eyes are normal.